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Are You the Next Creative Marketing Manager in Our Team?

We’re looking for the next creative marketing manager in our team, the new brains behind our strategies and campaigns. You’ll get to work with account managers and other creatives to attain the best results. 

Job description

You will work on creative projects, where you will be in charge of the development of ideas, the outlining of the strategic scope and the production of content. The work will vary often, based on the client and the type of project, but you’ll always have to manage whatever needs to be done. 


  • You’ll be the creative genius that will come up with sick ideas for marketing campaigns. 
  • You’ll be the digital native that knows how to create strategies that are perfectly tailored to the needs of today’s social audience. 
  • You’ll be the generator that produces both written and audiovisual content. 
  • You’ll be the trendwatcher that is always aware of what is happening in the digital world around us. 

Work conditions

  • Location: In the ❤ of Antwerp, with the most enthusiastic team you’ll ever meet.
  • Travel: Mostly office based but can involve travel within the working day to visit clients.
  • Working hours: Mainly 9 to 5, Monday to Friday. But please don’t hate us if you have to stay longer to meet particular deadlines.

Education & experience level 

  • A degree in a field related to communications or marketing is a must.
  • Preferably at least 1 year of experience in a relevant function.


  • You’re a genius in copywriting. 
  • You know how to work with the Adobe software (Photoshop, Premiere and After Effects). 
  • You have an eye for strategy. 
  • Your communication skills (both written and oral) must be off the charts.
  • Attention for detail is a must.
  • Energy and enthusiasm are essential to be part of the team.

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