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#GWchallenge went viral on Twitter

Generation What is a European project to reach youngsters and ask their opinion on different societal matters in an online survey. For Flanders, this project is in the hands of VRT, the public broadcaster. This project has the right means to find out what this generation is looking for. Generation What asked us about new tools and ideas for content to spread this survey further and get more people to fill it in.

What we wanted to create

Our goal was to link Generation What to a new trend and create more efficient brand awareness. This way, the survey would stay alive in online communities and create long-term effects, so the concept of Generation What would be recognized and supported by a strong, online community. We used the idea of going live through Periscope and Facebook Live to spread Generation What’s survey and have people fill the survey while being surrounded by followers and friends, who were responding to their answers on the survey.

How we launched it

We started with a small group of 4 young influencers and asked them to fill in the Generation What survey live. It was hilarious to watch them express their political opinions while being very much aware of who followed them and who was watching. After they were done, they had to nominate three followers to do the same thing and use the hashtag #GWChallenge. Others followed soon, creating a buzz of online videos where everyone filled in the survey of Generation What live.

How we supported Generation What over all

Launching the #GWChallenge was only part of our assignment. Generation What had an editorial team who created content that was linked to the topics of the survey. We consulted on their content strategy and discussed different perspectives in addressing societal topics online. We supported the team in developing a strong social media strategy, creating viral content and using the right formats to spread stories with.


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