If you exclude society, society will exclude you.





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We made Antwerp run the 10 Miles & Marathon

Every year, one of the greatest Belgian running events takes place in Antwerp. The 10 Miles & Marathon is an event for everybody who likes to take out their running shoes and face this challenge. But the City of Antwerp noticed that the diversity of Antwerp was not represented at the 10 Miles & Marathon and they asked us to change this and to create an online, inclusive campaign that reaches a broad and diverse audience.


To increase the awareness about the event, we created an online video that was shared on the social media channels of the City of Antwerp. We called it #10MilesTogether, encouraging people to run together in Antwerp, because everybody knows a running buddy makes it a lot harder to give up. Hundreds of people were tagging their friends and family, convincing each other to start running for the 10 Miles & Marathon.

Influencer marketing

Besides spreading the general message on social media, we needed a diversity of channels that would speak to different people. So we set up an influencer campaign, where influencers from different ages and with different backgrounds shared their path to the 10 Miles & Marathon with their networks. How they trained, started eating healthy and went through all their struggles: it was an inspiring message, shared by an awesome group of people.


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