If you exclude society, society will exclude you.





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We reached millions of people worldwide, including the White House.

Mvslim.com is an international platform we created ourselves, to inspire, motive and unite the next generation of youngsters worldwide. We were done with the negative imaging of minorities and there were too many stereotypes we had to break. We didn’t see the changes in mainstream media and that’s why we decided to do it ourselves.

Creating viral content

So first of all, getting rid of stereotypes was an important goal to begin with. But besides that, we realized there was much more we could do with a platform like Mvslim. We created viral content, based on import values such as empowerment, to provide millennials with role models they can look up to. Everybody deserves to have role models they can recognize themselves in, so that they feel like there are a lot of opportunities for them as well. Our content is constantly going viral on social media, making our average reach increase to 15 million people a week, from different countries worldwide.

How we influence the narrative

Every day, we work to keep innovating and experimenting with our content. The best thing is, we realized we can not only spread a positive message with Mvslim, but also influence the mainstream media discours. Our stories and videos often get picked up by mainstream media such as Vogue, The New York Times or The Guardian. It’s a direct way of expanding our audience, but mostly to change the narrative and the process of mainstream media.

How we made it sustainable

Of course, working with a bunch of creatives and providing a constant flow of content requires proper means. With a business model that relies on native advertising, we make sure that Mvslim remains sustainable so it can keep doing what it’s created for. The organizations and companies that advertise with us share our values and have common goals, making it partnerships we can fully stand behind.

The team that’s behind it

Mvslim couldn’t exist without the more than 500 contributors worldwide, who share their stories and create content that reaches millions of people. Our contributors are a diverse group in every single way, enriching the world with different perspectives on society and life.

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