Dear brand, please get fi-nal-ly in touch with today’s super diverse society.

Many brands kept on excluding themselves from the range of opportunities that an inclusive society and ditto approach bring along. We noticed that people didn’t recognize themselves in campaigns. Result: disappointment on every side.

We gave ourselves some time to nag and grumble about this (yes, we do have our grumpy moments) but then decided that if no one created a better alternative, we would. And so we did.


Without unshakeable belief actions lose their glow

We can dwell on for hours (and days, if you want) about our true and honest persuasion that an inclusive society would make the world a better place. But what is a conviction without action? Há! Nothing! So we keep on working, step by step, on communications that open minds, connect every single identity and reach people and goals never seen before. Building an inclusive society is like watering flowers every day and never getting enough of the way they grow.

“We are not the easiest people in today’s society. We don’t easily fit in a box, yet we’re constantly labeled as if we do. We’re always searching for the balance between the different identities we exist of and we’re never completely standing on one side of the scale. We needed a way out of the simple-minded solutions that are being created and implemented in today’s companies, to reach people those companies don’t even know anything about.”

— Taha Riani, Founder of Allyens


Ever seen an A-team
from this close?!

Allyens wouldn’t exist without its sweet little (and not so little) Aliens 👽, our indestructible team, these crazy creative people. Innovative, focused on the same inclusive goals and eager to contribute to a better communicating society. Dedication – and love, of course – are always in the air!