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A classic office policy? 

At Allyens we don’t fancy sirs and madams, our names are nice enough. You won’t get whipped or – less dramatic – get evil looks when you don’t answer your mails within two minutes or arrive later at your desk. So freaking out occasionally when killing deadlines arise, is allowed too.

We love respect and openness and we absolutely can’t survive without your passion for work and willingness to grow. The philosophy we carry out to our customers, must live on the work floor as well. All he’s/she’s/x’s have the right to be who they are and must get the platform to develop themselves to the fullest.


These essential values
are everything to us

We rave about our strong values. Convincing brands to create a positive impact on society via inclusive communication and strategies, should be your reason of being. Besides chocolate, sweets and exotic vacations, of course.


Sit down, be humble.

Be proud. You shóuld pat yourself on the back from time to time for being extraordinary. But always keep in mind: modesty does you honour.

Own your sh*t.

In a good and in a bad way, we mean. Allyens people take responsibility in terms of (own) projects, customers, society and... yourself.

Be limitlessly curious.

There’s no such thing as knowing everything. Be open and enrich yourself. See, feel, hear, learn, absorb, grow. And oh yeah: breathe too.

Be who you are.

There’s no you like yourself. Hm, feeling a little philosophical here. Bottom line is: you get the platform to be - and develop – yourself, just the way you are. Let the (nice) beast out!

Come out of your shell.

Use yourself would sound a bit strange, but honestly: that is what we mean. Embrace empowerment, enforce your skills, be at the wheel of your life and take responsibility.


A happily-ever-after career at Allyens is waiting for you

We simply can’t shut our eyes for new talent. As we speak, we are finetuning our radars in order to spot ambitious, creative creatures willing to spread our inclusive mission. Kdoenk…kdoenk…Is that your heart beating with excitement?! What are you waiting for?