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Even if building an inclusive world takes time, waiting has never been our strongest feat. But on December 10th, 2020 around 17:30 PM, we truly were like puppies waiting to go for a walk. Minus the wagging tails, but with nail-biting, adrenaline, secret anticipatory cava drinking, and a lot of impatience because we were about to find out if we won an Effie Award for our collaboration with Brussels Airport. Spoiler alert: we didn’t. No, it’s okay. We’re still proud of what we did! And there -literally- was a silver lining, because wtFOCK, the case we were a contributing agency for, got a silver award!

1, 2, 3, Flashback

It kind of sounds like a dream when we look back on it. Brussels Airport asked us to create a campaign to reach the Belgian Moroccan community, because this group regularly travels to Morocco – to visit friends and family, to simply go on a holiday, or for special occasions. This makes them a very attractive target audience. Unfortunately for Brussels Airport, this audience preferred flying from other airports that offered cheaper flights.

Right in the feels

When we say preferred, we obviously mean we were able to change that. Even more so, the results of this project exceeded all expectations. We managed by creating a campaign that not only appealed to the target audience on a rational basis (there’s a bunch of advantages when it comes to flying from Brussels Airport!), but that also build a strong emotional bond with them. Basically, people arriving at Brussels Airport felt like arriving in Morocco already. At the same time, we felt we had a strong case on our hands.

Don’t stop believing

And we didn’t, because we got nominated for the Effie Awards. A big deal for an agency as young as ours! Especially when you know there were only 19 nominees, and we were competing against some very big and experienced names. Our case might not have been strong enough to win an award, but we don’t feel like losers at all. Especially because wtFOCK received a silver award. We’ve learned so much from this experience, and we’re more than ready for the next challenge!