Inclusive campaign

Everyone has stereotypes. This is the core message of our Internal Awareness Campaign against unconscious bias for BNP Paribas employees. Whew, that’s a mouthful. Good thing we know a thing or two about the topic. First of all: stereotypical thinking happens unconsciously most of the time. We – yes, we too – are often unaware when we are making these kinds of assumptions. And this can get even worse in the case of stress, distraction or competition. Second of all: it takes a certain effort to overcome bias. In other words, we had to make the unconscious conscious.

Mind your blind spots

We launched a customized campaign to address every single one of the BNP Paribas employees, and to help them open their eyes to unconscious bias. Our slogan? “Mind your blind spots”. And during their Diversity Week, we created a template for them. The goals of this initiative? To raise awareness, encourage the exchange of ideas between employees, and further question some stereotypes by implementing quotes in different areas in their headquarters.

First step, more to follow!

BNP Paribas continues to build a positive work environment and company culture with this campaign. At the same time, they’re also investing in diversity and inclusion. Excellent news, if you ask us. Why? Well, people are more likely to perform better at work when they are happy, receive support in their personal development, and feel respected and safe. Needless to say, they experience higher job satisfaction and improved work interaction. This leads to an increase in loyalty, dedication, and creativity, and a decrease in anxiety.

The efforts pay off

Our conclusion? Paying attention to the effects of stereotypes in business and implementing actions helps companies succeed. We are overjoyed that BNP Paribas (our client, yeah!) opened up the dialogue and collaborated with us to create a satisfying, rewarding, and inclusive work environment for all of their employees.



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