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Looking for a comprehensive analysis of your inclusion efforts in communication and marketing? Look no further than Allyens! Our framework helps us identify any challenges and uncover growth opportunities, offering you a choice between a full-scale Inclusion Scan of your brand or an Inclusion Check of a specific campaign or strategy.

Inclusion Scan

With an Inclusion Scan from Allyens, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of how your brand is performing in terms of inclusive marketing. Our expert team will analyze your brand from top to bottom to identify areas for improvement and opportunities for growth. You’ll learn about your current pain points, as well as what you’re doing well and how you can leverage that to stand out in the market.

By the end of the scan, you’ll have a clear view of your brand’s position in the marketplace when it comes to inclusion and be equipped with the knowledge to make informed decisions about your brand’s future. With this scan, you’ll be taking the first step towards establishing yourself as a leader in inclusive marketing and setting your brand on the path to success.

Inclusion Check

At Allyens, we understand the importance of inclusive marketing and the impact it can have on your brand’s success. That’s why we offer the Inclusion Check, a fast and effective way to assess the inclusion of your upcoming campaign or strategy. Our team of experts will provide thorough feedback and actionable advice on how to make your campaign inclusive and ready for a diverse audience.

With our Inclusion Check, you’ll be able to ensure that your campaign reaches and resonates with everyone, no matter their background or perspectives.

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