“What I want to do at Allyens is creating an inclusive visual language and identity for everyone.”

Samira El Kaddouri

Graphic Designer

Her ID uncensored.

People want to clone her because: her designing skills are so one-of-a-kind and refreshing only one Samira isn’t enough 

Typical Samira:

  • Is already designing in her head before the brainstorm session has ended
  • Translates every single idea into a visual language everyone understands
  • Is mentor, coach and (a very young) mother to Allyens’ two graphic design students and interns
  • Juggles with (digital) campaign & branding material like if she was a magician in a former life

If Samira was a cook, she would put candy and junk food on the menu. And besides that: candy and junk food. 

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