The Beginner’s Guide to Inclusive Campaigns (Free Ebook)

Yeah. We did that. We wrote an ebook with everything you need to know to start creating inclusive campaigns. Organizations and companies often ask us how they can attract more diverse audiences. Or they ask us where we get the inspiration for our creative marketing. And even though we love talking one-on-one, we decided it was time to start sharing our secrets with a broader audience. So we did.

It’s all about inclusion, silly!

We can answer most questions with one word: inclusion – it really is that short and simple. Of course, implementing inclusion is slightly less simple. And you will have to invest some time. But the return on that investment is huuuuuge. On top of that, it’s the only sustainable way to remain authentic and respond to the diversity we see each and every day.

A free beginner’s guide

We gathered our inclusion experts and asked them to create a checklist for inclusive campaigns. So they did! With this guide, you can check each and every part of your campaigns and pin-point exactly which parts can improve. Neat, right? We also threw in some of our cases to inspire you and give you concrete examples (and not at all because we like showing off). We made sure to create something accessible, easy-to-use, and to-the-point. With a lovely design. You’re welcome!

Sharing is caring

Why write a guide for free, that gives away the thing organizations normally pay us for? Because it’s not just about us. It’s about creating a truly inclusive world. There’s only so much we can do, even if we’re passionate and (very) hardworking. If sharing our knowledge, tips and tricks means we can create more inclusion, we are happy Allyens.

Please don’t worry if you still have questions after reading the guide. We love making time to listen and help you out!

Ready to discover everything you need to know about inclusive campaigns? Get the e-book here!

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