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Inclusion scans & audits

We support your organization in gaining a clear understanding of where you stand in terms of inclusion and the direction you can take. With this approach, we aim to eliminate uncertainties, enabling you to make a real positive impact.

What is an inclusion scan?

An inclusion scan is a thorough evaluation of the level of inclusion within your organization. We use our uniquely developed frameworks to assess the current state of affairs while identifying untapped opportunities. It serves as an excellent kickoff for any organization committed to fostering greater inclusion.

Why is this relevant for your organization?

It is crucial to know exactly where you stand to be able to take the following steps. As an external partner, we provide an unbiased perspective on the challenges your organization faces across various areas. We recall a client who, after receiving our inclusion scan, expressed being deeply moved by the findings. These moments of clarity are sometimes necessary to move beyond superficial measures and achieve real, meaningful change.

What scans can we conduct?

We have developed a series of scans, each based on our in-depth knowledge of inclusion. These scans are designed to research and improve various aspects of your organization. We investigate how your brand communicates, explore your identity as an employer, and analyze your inclusion policies. Our goal is to paint a clear and comprehensive picture of your current state and provide practical, effective advice on how to make progress.

Corporate communication

With our inclusive communication framework, we provide a clear picture of where your brand stands today in terms of inclusion and the opportunities possible for you. We take a closer look at your communication tools and strategies, delving into how they reflect and support your efforts for inclusion.

Inclusion policies

Our approach to evaluating your inclusion policies focuses on a thorough assessment of your organization's performance in the realm of inclusion. We examine your current policies and practices to decide how they contribute to an inclusive work environment. Our analysis focuses on identifying strengths and discovering areas for improvement.

Who have we done inclusion scans for?

We have had the opportunity to conduct inclusion scans for various organizations, ranging from companies just starting their inclusion journey to organizations that have already taken some steps in this domain. Our experience has taught us that an inclusion scan is always valuable, regardless of which stage an organization is in. It provides insight and direction, and helps organizations refine and strengthen their inclusion efforts.

An inclusion scan for the employment service VDAB

When VDAB approached us with the request to examine their communication through an inclusive lens, we provided extensive advice. Our inclusion scan covered everything from making their language more accessible to recognizing nuances in content that might unintentionally reinforce stereotypes. This scan has proven to be a valuable tool for VDAB. They continue to use it internally to strengthen and further develop their inclusion efforts.

An inclusion scan and positioning exercise for Wit-Gele Kruis

Wit-Gele Kruis approached us with a crucial question: whether their employer brand was attractive enough for a broader audience. At Allyens, we were fully committed to explore this. We thoroughly analyzed their brand, surveyed the target audience, and collaborated on a refreshed positioning. Our goal was to align their employer brand more closely with today's diverse job market, attracting a larger and more varied group of professionals.

An inclusion scan for telecom company Telenet

At the beginning of our journey with Telenet, we conducted a comprehensive inclusion scan of the communication from their various brands. This was a crucial first step to gaining a clear understanding of their current position in terms of inclusion. This analysis greatly helped us identify specific challenges, enabling us to develop a targeted and effective strategy. It was a valuable starting point that guided us for the rest of the journey.