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Inclusive Communication and Marketing

We support organizations in effectively communicating in our super diverse society by aligning their communication and marketing strategies accordingly. Together, we build a future where everyone feels heard and valued.

What is inclusive communication?

Inclusive communication is a strategic approach for organizations to effectively communicate in our diverse world. It involves understanding and appreciating various cultures, backgrounds, and experiences of people. This method helps organizations truly connect with their audience by demonstrating an understanding of their unique experiences. This not only leads to better results for the organization but also contributes to a better and more inclusive world.

Why is this relevant today?

In many countries, minority groups now account for a significant part of the population. Yet, many organizations cling to outdated communication methods, failing to meet the needs of these growing and diverse groups. This outdated approach results in some segments of society being overlooked, which is detrimental not only to these groups of people but also to the organizations themselves. As a result, they miss opportunities to genuinely connect with a broad and varied audience. With inclusive communication, organizations can bridge this gap, expand their reach, and contribute to a society where everyone feels seen and valued.

How can we help you?

Allyens has been a pioneer in the world of inclusive communication for more than seven years. When we started, we were among the first to tackle this challenge. Now, years later, we are proud of the opportunity to help various organizations position themselves inclusively within the market. Whether you are looking for a new positioning, a campaign that attracts a broad audience, or specific content targeting a particular group, we are ready to assist you. At Allyens, it's all about creating meaningful connections in an ever-diversifying world.


We possess the strategic expertise to seamlessly integrate inclusion into our projects. Our unique access to specialized knowledge, insights, and research, beyond what is typical at other agencies, enables us to work distinctively and effectively.


Whether it’s for a non-stigmatizing concept, a humoristic approach without stereotypes, or an idea that resonates with a broad audience, we are your partner. With us, you'll find creative solutions that are respectful and relevant to everyone.


We believe that an inclusive approach is essential at every stage of the implementation process, including production. Due to our network of diverse creators, we can ensure that our productions reflect the diversity of reality and truly resonate with a broad audience.

Which projects have we worked on?

We feel privileged to have had the opportunity to collaborate with various organizations, ranging from commercial companies to public institutions. These organizations, each unique in their sector and domain, share one common goal: a sincere commitment to promoting inclusion. Their passion and dedication to this cause inspire us every day in our work.

A new employer brand for Port of Antwerp Bruges

We collaborated with Port of Antwerp Bruges to develop a new employer brand that perfectly aligns with the diverse reality of our society. Through our joint efforts, we have created a brand that reflects the rich diversity and unique identity of the organization, resonating with a broad spectrum of talents.

An anti-racism campaign for the city of Brussels

For Equal.Brussels, we developed a large-scale campaign aimed at raising awareness among the people of Brussels regarding anti-racism. This campaign was widely implemented in Brussels, both online and offline, reaching over 500,000 people.