Today Amnesty International launched ‘Niet Normaal/Pas Normal’, a campaign together with JES Brussel, Liga voor Mensenrechten, Minderhedenforum, Uit De Marge, Ligue des Droits Humains, MRAX, and activist Yassine Boubout.

The goals? Changing the attitudes and policies around ethnic profiling.

The tools? Testimonies and information about the topic, and recommendations for the police and policymakers.

Our contribution? The concept and branding for this campaign.

There is one thing we need to make clear. It’s unfair that people are being stopped by police for how they look, instead of for what they did. Sounds like inefficient police work? It is. The police are only allowed to search, stop, or arrest people on the bases of ‘reasonable grounds’. Unfortunately, their decision to do so is often based upon prevalent negative stereotypes and biases about ethnicity, skin color, nationality, and religion, according to Amnesty International’s research. It’s humiliating and frustrating for people who experience ethnic profiling, to say the least. On top of that, it also damages the confidence in police. In other words: ethnic profiling is never normal!

That’s how we came up with the concept of ‘Niet Normaal/Pas Normal’. Want to find out more? Visit the website ‘’!


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