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At Allyens, we’re dedicated to helping you harness the growth opportunities in diverse markets and communities. From inclusive marketing strategies to hands-on training, we have the tools and expertise to help you succeed.


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We are a strategic agency that helps brands to stay relevant in our super diverse society.

We do this by jumpstarting your inclusion journey, auditing your communications, exploring growth opportunities in diverse markets or installing inclusive practices and trainings.

We also love to share our knowledge and create more awareness through white papers, blog posts, and our online e-learning platform: Inclusion Academy.​  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Inclusive marketing refers to a marketing approach that is designed to resonate with diverse audiences. It involves considering the diverse backgrounds, cultures, and identities of consumers and using this information to create marketing strategies that reflect and celebrate this diversity.

Inclusive marketing allows brands to connect authentically with their customers by showing that they value and understand their unique experiences, resulting in better brand performance and customer loyalty. This approach is essential in today’s society, as it acknowledges the changing and diverse nature of our world and creates a sense of community and belonging among all consumers.


Consumers are increasingly expecting brands to embrace inclusion and take a stance on social issues. Consumers want to see brands that align with their values and reflect their beliefs. Brands that fail to address inclusion may be seen as out of touch or insensitive, which can lead to negative consumer sentiment and damage to your reputation.

By ignoring the diversity of your customer base, you risk losing relevance and may struggle to connect with consumers who feel excluded or overlooked. Brands that adopt an inclusive marketing approach are more likely to resonate with diverse audiences and create a sense of community and belonging among their customers. This can lead to increased customer loyalty, positive word-of-mouth, and improved brand performance. By embracing inclusion, brands can also reach new audiences and expand their customer base.


It is a common misconception among marketers that inclusion is solely the responsibility of HR. While HR is responsible for fostering inclusion within the organization, marketing has a vital role in serving the diverse consumer base. Many marketers are losing touch with the needs of their diverse consumers as their consumer base becomes more diverse. As a result, they miss opportunities to cater to this diversity and tap into new markets and segments. It is essential to create strategies and solutions that cater to diverse consumers to remain relevant and competitive.


Yes, we work with HR, DEI, and CSR managers. One of our jumpstart trajectory focuses on inclusion and diversity and helps create a solid foundation in the organization. We also assist in creating internal awareness around inclusion to garner support for the topic. Additionally, we provide training and workshops on inclusion and diversity and offer an e-learning platform tailored to this subject.



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