Inclusive campaign

We love traveling. There’s no better way to grow than to dive into other cultures and expand your horizons. Needless to say, we were overjoyed when Brussels Airport (BA) – a client of ours for, like, forever (well, for a long time, anyway) – asked us to develop a full digital strategy. The goal? Increasing the VFR-traffic (Visiting Friends and Relatives) of Moroccan Belgians to Morocco, with a focus on four popular cities.

Since everyone enjoys Morocco in a different way – making it a fulltime family affair, spending time baking in the sun, discovering Morocco’s oddities, or some combination of these – we wanted to show the many ways to experience a trip to Morocco and reach all those different travelers. All while highlighting the advantages of flying via Brussels Airport: its great accessibility and affordable tickets. Ready for take-off?

The sky is the limit

Our objective was clear. Make Brussels Airport the first thing to spring to Moroccan Belgians’ minds when considering traveling to Morocco. We kicked off with intensive research about Morocco travelers’ positive and negative feelings toward BA. Next we decided to center our digital campaign around the hashtags #op123inMarokko and #viteversleMaroc.


The power of influencers

When you say ‘hashtag’, we say ‘influencer’ …And we send them to Tanger, Fez, Nador, and Casablanca. Of course we asked them to take and post pictures on Instagram of their favorite moments. They reached – don’t faint now – more than 426,000 people. For our second influencer campaign, we expanded to the Netherlands. It hit all targets: a reach of more than 1,000,000 people (yes, this hit us like a lightning bolt too).

Online, offline and at Brussels Airport

Our social campaign included a heart-warming video (in Dutch, French, Berber, and Arabic) with 13,000 views on the BA website. To engage the older Belgian Moroccan community we used a video of a testimonial by a, shall we say, not-so-young man, talking about his experience of visiting Morocco during the Feast of Sacrifice. Genuine, emotional, inspiring. How about 470,000 impressions on social media?!

We thought an online competition could be fun. Our target audience could win two tickets to Morocco if they guessed where the Brussels Airport mug (designed for the occasion) was photographed (which of course was in those four cities we mentioned earlier). In addition, our Whatsapp initiatives, linked to a website exclusively developed for this campaign, seemed to do the trick – resulting in more than 4,300 clicks.
We also launched an ad campaign (reaching 175,000 people) and distributed posters – encouraging Belgian Moroccans to book their holiday via BA – throughout the country, equivalent to 1,700,000 impressions. Hallelujah. But there’s more: we organized for BA to be a sponsor at the Diwan Awards and installed photo booths (with a Moroccan backdrop, of course) at the event. And last but not least: Radio Arabel – broadcasting in French and Arabic – was live at BA.

Results of this yearlong campaign?

Of the Belgian Moroccan community:

✅ 50% recalls at least one impression
✅ 80% thinks the campaign has a clear message
✅ 10% googled Brussels Airport
✅ 20% visited the website
✅ 60% is more interested in flying from Brussels Airport



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