Inclusive strategy

To stay relevant in today’s hyperdiverse society, you need to be inclusive. Which is why Telenet is working on becoming a more inclusive employer and brand by 2024. The first step is to communicate inclusively. But to be more inclusive, all communicators at Telenet need to participate. That’s why Telenet asked Allyens to help kick start their inclusive communications journey.

Getting to know Telenet

For any project we work on, Allyens takes on a personalized approach. This way the outcome is perfectly suited to the brand we’re working with. This also means that we need to get to know our client well. So how do we do that? By conducting an inclusion scan. This is a thorough process of analyzing the client’s communication to look for any exclusive and inclusive elements based on our framework. With these insights we can identify the maturity of the brand and the actions that they need to take in their journey to becoming more inclusive.


Getting everyone on board

During this project it was important that everyone was on board and motivated to work on inclusive communication. That’s why we made sure to engage as many people as possible throughout the process. From workshops with stakeholders, to a focus group with employees and an onboarding session with Telenet’s communication partners. We taught people about the importance of inclusive communication and encouraged everyone to participate. Together with Telenet we then worked on creating an Inclusive Communication charter.


In June, we celebrated the launch of the charter! It was finally time to share the charter with everyone at a unique location, KV Mechelen. We inspired people with keynotes by Sylvie Irzi, Mariam Harutyunyan and Taha Riani. We started meaningful conversations during workshop sessions about the needs of the different partners to work on inclusive communications and the mindset shift that they need to start implementing actions. We concluded the event by signing our names to the signature wall to show our engagement.

What’s next?

With this Inclusive Communication Charter Telenet is doing pioneering work and showing a clear engagement for inclusion and change. It acts as a first step on their inclusive communication journey. The charter has been published in Dutch, French and English. People are motivated to continue learning and working on inclusion. We are excited to see what’s in Telenet’s future! Ready for an inclusive tomorrow.



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