Inclusive campaign

Like its name implies, Equal.Brussels is an organization that wants to create equal opportunities for all Brussels citizens. The organisation was looking for someone to help them create a campaign that creates awareness about racism and discrimination and highlights the enrichment of cultural diversity in Brussels. Who better to help them do that than Allyens, right?

Non-racist ≠ anti-racist

We first did the necessary research, to help us gain an insight on how to take on this challenge. We found four biases that were important to address, in which racism daily occurs. These were everyday outcasting, housing, cyberbullying and employment. By highlighting these four domains in the campaign, we wanted to make Brussels’ citizens aware that racism is a problem they can do something about. In short, we wanted non-racist citizens of Brussels to become anti-racist.



There was just one question left before we could actually raise awareness and inform the people of Brussels. How do we get their attention? We decided to create an auditory reminder of this campaign with two young talents from Brussels. Singer LYNA and rapper Eddy Ape wrote the song “Brussels’ Heart” as an anthem in the fight against racism. The song was accompanied by a music video and gained traction online with the hashtag #BrusselsYouCanDoIt.

Did we do it?

We teamed up with different partners to create a campaign website on which visitors could find different resources on how to deal with racism. Beside the “Brussels’ Heart” music video and campaign website, different outdoor posters with eye-catching statements about racism could be found across Brussels. The campaign gained traction online and in mainstream media. We managed to reach more than 500.000 people. We think it’s safe to say that we did it!



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