Inclusive campaign

Can we have some more STEM please? The domains of STEM – which, by the way, stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics – are ever-growing. According to the Flemish Minister of Work, Philippe Muyters, the need for STEM-profiles is high.

So, guess what. We wanted to encourage young people between the ages of 15 to 19 to consider a professional future in STEM. And we were not the only ones! We collaborated with all Flemish Universities and graduate schools, and we launched the initiative in the Flemish Parliament. Impressive, right?

What’s in a name

First things first: the project needed a name. So we brainstormed with 50 youngsters who belonged to the target audience. Out of the 200 names (nope, less isn’t more) Amper Slim (which means hardly smart) was the one they liked the most. We liked it too, because it emphasizes the accessibility of STEM, one of the most important goals of the project.

Give us some ‘STEM’ content

With the name and goals in mind, we were more than ready to start creating content. We knew for sure our audience wouldn’t be interested in another classic job campaign. So we made a website ( and created social media channels (Instagram / Youtube) dedicated to bringing STEM-related content close to the environment of young people.

The platform consists of viral articles, posts, and videos about the mix between science and love, tech and media, and more combinations that attract young people. We used our Instagram channel to share STEM facts on a continuous basis in a fun, interactive, and spontaneous way. Who said science is boring?

A day in the life of …

Before the launch of Amper Slim, we joined forces with our academic partners to create a list of role models that would inspire youngsters to opt for a STEM future. We selected micro-influencers to go on a special mission. The requirements? Their profiles, the demographics of their followers – youngsters between the age of 15 and 19-, and their connection to STEM-related topics.

Every influencer had the opportunity to visit a STEM professional (from experimental physicists to app developers and engineers) and take over the Amper Slim Instagram Stories. The results were amazing. We did not just receive a lot of fun videos in which the professionals shared a scientific fact or theory, we were able to take a peek into their daily lives. In other words, our audience could watch the authentic, real experiences of youngsters asking all the questions about a certain field or job. Move over, promotional videos!


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