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Kom op tegen Kanker (KotK) is well known for its creative actions in the battle against cancer. One of those is Plantjesweekend, which roughly translates as plants for charity. More precisely, it’s a yearly event where thousands of volunteers sell azaleas. Profits – obviously – go entirely to patients and cancer care projects. 2019 marked the 25th edition, so KotK wanted to create more awareness and engagement with a more diverse audience, both for this action and for the organization in general. Why, hello, good cause. We were more than ready to join forces with this campaign!

The heroes of the story 

For once, we didn’t need to come up with content. There were plenty of strongly committed people who had a story to tell, and the right stage to do so. All we did was plant a seed, and ask the most authentic storytellers slash influencers to share their affinity with the initiative. In doing so, they connected a much broader audience to KotK. Of course, they also encouraged them to surprise a loved one with azaleas. 

Just like that? Yes. People listen to influencers they trust and appreciate. And what’s more credible than the story of someone you can only admire and respect? It’s something marketeers call word of mouth, and it obviously works much better than superficial promotion or paid ads. 

The big azalea plan

Influencers from five different regions – Antwerp, Ghent, Kortrijk, Limburg and Flemish Brabant – dedicated a plant to someone in his or her life, with a specific personal approach. These authentic (yep, that’s a keyword when it comes to influencer marketing) stories reached and engaged a wide audience. In three waves – a few days before Plantjesweekend, one day before the weekend and during the weekend – each influencer increased awareness in their own, original, creative way: from personal stories to links to the nearest azalea sales points.

Flowers, flowers for everyone!

In case you still needed some convincing that influencer marketing (when done right!) works: a total of 339.310 azaleas were sold. Talking about ‘saying it with flowers’, huh? And even better: KotK learned that they can reach a more diverse and inclusive audience with the right insights. You are very welcome.