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Daily life

We don’t always brag, but when we do, it’s because we truly deserve it. In this case, because we got nominated for the Effie Awards 2020. There’s a saying in Flemish that goes something like ‘you can’t stand on one leg’. That’s why we decided to also get nominated as a contributing agency. Balance is the key to a lot of things in life, right?

Seriously, we are very proud of all of our projects. We always give them our best and put in a lot of effort. So, An Effie Awards nomination is not just an amazing achievement for our small – but very kickass – A-team, but also a much-appreciated recognition of our work.

And the nominees are…

Curious to find out which cases got nominated? We’re not gonna make you guess any longer. First of all: our “Op 1-2-3 naar Marokko”-case for Brussels Airport, with which we successfully increased the VFR-traffic to Morocco. You might remember we did a full-on campaign, engaging Belgian Moroccans from every generation. Secondly, wtFOCK. You know, that crazily popular online youth series we did some groundbreaking research for. Congratulations to PHD Media Belgium and Oona, the lead agencies on that one!

Effie Awards: to participate is to win

The Effie Award Ceremony will take place on December 10th, so we’re gonna need to have a little bit more patience to find out if we won. We’re celebrating though, because, for a young agency like ours, the nomination is a huge deal. Especially if you know there are only 19 nominees and we’re competing with big agencies that have been around for much longer. Yes, you’re allowed to send us flowers and cake.