From unconscious to conscious

Everyone has stereotypes. This is the core message of our Internal Awareness Campaign against unconscious bias for BNP Paribas employees. Whew, that’s a mouthful.

Run, Antwerp, Run!

Sport isn’t just a game. It’s also a powerful tool to break down social and cultural barriers. The annual AG Antwerp 10 Miles &

Keeping your fridge full

Our all-time favorite supermarket Colruyt approached us with a clear question: how to re-launch its existing app and create a buzz about it in

Flowers, flowers for everyone!

Fueling Kom op tegen Kanker’s Plantjesweekend with influencers and flower power Kom op tegen Kanker (KotK) is well known for its creative actions in

Flying to paradise – Uhm, Morocco

We love traveling. There’s no better way to grow than to dive into other cultures and expand your horizons. Needless to say, we were

An anthem in the fight against racism

Like its name implies, Equal.Brussels is an organization that wants to create equal opportunities for all Brussels citizens. The organisation was looking for someone

The future is a #HeadofU

Have you heard about the #HeadofU campaign? It is the influencer campaign we launched with Unilever to reach more young talent from ethnically diverse


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